Plus — Communicating with athletes; Mental keys to achievement; and concussion studies

July 30, 2022

  The 2022 Coaches Survey Results

Referee shortages, the safety of players, staff, and personnel, and social media issues are just a few of the hot-button issues highlighted in our fourth annual Coaches Survey.

  Study: One-Sport High School Athletes Prone to Injury, Burnout

High school students who focus on one sport are more likely to get injured or suffer from burnout. But new research from the University of Georgia suggests their motivation for specializing in one sport is pure: love of the game and competition.


Former Student Journalist Talks About the Impact of Being on a Student-Led Broadcast Team

Marion High School immediately learned that they lacked control of their broadcast when they began live streaming their events on Facebook. However, when they began streaming to their own Sports Network with a student-led broadcast team, they were able to not only offer professional-level broadcasts, but also help their students learn highly sought-after skills.
  Understanding the role of parents in youth sports

Step back in time and imagine that you are the kid that is playing the sport. What would you want your parents to do to help the team, and again, more importantly, what would you NOT want them to do?

  The Importance of Communication between Athletes & Coaches

The ability to keep things simple is difficult, but it is key to being successful as a sportsperson, and strength-and-conditioning coaches, as well as the support staff, need to be able to explain the what, why, where, when, and how of exercise regimens.



Huddlbox is the largest mobile TV and audio company in the country. Huddlbox helps coaches and athletic departments in three important areas: Provide instant feedback to athletes on the sidelines; Display music to entertain fans during the game; and Generate added revenue for the program through sponsorships.
  Study: Age difference not a factor in concussion recovery

Leading health care experts released a new study — “Age Differences in Recovery After Sport-Related Concussion: A Comparison of High School and Collegiate Athletes.” The research sheds new light on traditionally held beliefs regarding return-to-play considerations.

  Mental keys to athletic improvement and achievement

Dream big. Starting quarterback. All-state. College scholarship. Academic All-American. Professional career. Encourage your student-athletes to set big goals that might be a bit intimidating.

Here are seven rules for success and achievement that any coach can teach their student-athletes.


REGUPOL high-performance athletic flooring

Top athletes are pushing their training to the limits to gain the edge needed to be the best. REGUPOL high-performance athletic flooring is a proven solution! Durable, non-slip, shock-absorbent for the athlete, and virtually seamless, allowing the athlete’s training to flow from movement to movement.


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